How to create high quality Do follow backlinks || From Wikipedia, Amazone, Youtube

Hi Viewer , Here you will get information about some websites where you can create high quality do follow back links. I hope you all have good knowledge about back links if you have no idea about back links then you can read from third paragraphs.  For Seo position and ranking back links is most important part If you will get high quality do follow back links then your website will gain more DA.

Here Some List Of high quality website :

  • http://how.bkgraphy.in DA 80 Do Follow
  • http://careersathi.in
  • https://publicvoice.co.in
  • https://www.provenexpert.com/ - DA 90 - Do follow
  • https://nibbler.silktide.com/ DA 90 Do follow
  • Education Website DA 82 . edu
  • Back link

Know How To Create Back links From Wikipedia

If you have started your website or you want to start your website, then you must have heard about Backlinks and this is very important to get your website ranked. Suppose backlinks are the power of your website. Whenever you post, you need backlinks to get that post ranked in Google or any search engine.

So if you are new in blogging career right now and you also have to make backlinks for your website. So first you need to know what backlinks are. And after telling this, I will also tell you how you can increase the ranking of your website by creating backlinks for your website. So let's start.


What is backlinks?

So first of all you know what backlinks are. You understand the name of backlinks. Backlinks means back links to your website. Easy words to have your website link to another website. That is, when your website or web page gets linked to another website or webpage, then it is called backlinks.

Backlinks also increase traffic to your website. And your website gets strengthened. The strength comes because behind your website will be the website on which you have created backlinks. Suppose you have a fight with someone and you have a good friendship with 10 people, who is a body builder and the only one in front, then obviously you will win.

So now the same happens in ranking. Who has more backlinks and if the backlinks are from a website with high DA PA then your website will definitely rank. DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority and both of these should also be good for your website. They must have backlinks to do well.

Types of Backlinks - Types of Backlinks

Now you know about backlinks. So also know that backlinks are of two types.

  • DoFollow Backlink s
  • NoFollow Backlink s

Do Follow - Do Follow backlinks are those that link your website to another website. You should always become Do Follow Backlinks because the backlinks of this festival connect you to other websites and only then you have the benefit.

NoFollow - NoFollow Backlinks are those that do not link your website to other websites. That is, you made a backlink, but it did not benefit your website. That's why DoFollow Backlinks are more important for you.

How do backlinks work?

Now you know about backlinks. And I also told you that backlinks keep your website connected to other website or make a link. So now I will tell you how backlinks help in ranking your website.

If you build a website with a high DA PA that attracts a lot of traffic, then your website has got a speed. One, traffic from that website to your website will also come due to backlinks.

And most importantly, if you create backlinks on a big website, when google crawl the page of that website, then it will also have a link to your website, then google will be convinced that your website is very good and google will try your Websites also came in the top ranking. So you have to try and make as many backlinks as possible.

How to make backlinks -

Now the most important thing comes how you can create backlinks. Let me tell you in detail what to do to make backlinks.

You can create backlinks in two ways.

By Comment

You can create backlinks in both these ways. To create backlinks, first of all you have to visit the websites which are bigger and have more traffic. You can also visit websites that are ranking on Google. And by going to them, you have to give a link to your website or post of your website along with the comment. You're done.

By guest post

In Guest post, you have to go to those websites which get Guest Post done. You search guest post on google, you will find the entire website which posts guest. By the way, nowadays guest post option is available in every big website. In that, you have to write a post for them and in that post you can also add a link to your own website. You submit it and if it gets approved then you get very good dofollow backlinks.


So now you must have understood what backlinks are. Backlinks are the power of your website. Therefore, I suggest that whenever you post, make a backlink. And not just one backlink will work, you have to make at least 10 backlinks for your post. 10 Make as much as you can.

If you have any backlinks or any question related to this, then you must tell us by commenting and we will surely reply with the solution.




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