How to setup an E-Commerce Business ? Process step by step in Hindi

E-Commerce Business ideas step by step in India

E commerce business is a business connected to online and internet, as we all are aware that presently smartphone and internet have reached the common public in India too. This is the reason that due to the availability of smartphones and 3G, 4G packs being very cheap, the penetration of internet is increasing at a very fast pace. Therefore, a lot of marketplaces in India are also earning successfully. And due to the expansion of the internet, the possibilities of doing e commerce business are also increasing here. Since India is a large country in terms of population, there is immense scope for any kind of business here. Although in India, only the middle class is seen trending towards online shopping, but due to the assurance that internet packs are cheap and free delivery by various marketplaces, the attention of every kind of population is moving towards online shopping. . This is the reason that e-commerce companies prevalent in India are setting new records of revenue i.e. revenue over time. Therefore, today we are trying to give complete information related to starting E commerce business in our article.

What is an E-commerce business?

E commerce is a term associated with any commercial or commercial activity through electronic commerce internet that involves the transfer of information. That is, a business and commercial activity occurring on the Internet in which information i.e. information is spread or transferred over the internet is called e commerce. E-commerce includes various types of businesses like consumer based retail site, auction or music site, exchange of goods and services between the corporation, etc. Currently, if we talk about all aspects of the Internet, then it is one of the most emerging aspects. E commerce allows consumers to exchange goods and services by exceeding the time and distance limits. In simple words, if we try to understand E commerce business, then we will find that the business of selling goods and services through internet is called E commerce business.

Why start an e-commerce business in India? (Why you should start an E commerce business?):

E-commerce business in India can be profitable from the point of view of earning because the affinity for online commerce and high economic growth has opened new corridors for business opportunities. We are talking about the millions of people who are actively looking for products in this digital world so that they can buy them at home. There are millions of people in India who keep an eye on the famous online marketplaces of India such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. so that they get some good offers to shop. And they can buy an attractive product at a very low price. E commerce in India has influenced a lot and also proved how a brand can become a favorite of people. This is the reason that this change has shaken the retail industry completely. This digital penetration has given birth to a new world where information is easily provided to anyone from anywhere. Since presently the whole world is connected with digital activities. Therefore it can be said that if the merchants who do not have presence online lose a lot of customers. Hence starting a E commerce business in India can be a beneficial initiative.

How to start an e commerce business (How to start an E commerce business in India?):

Entrepreneurs seeking to start their own e-commerce business in India may have to do various activities. We are giving its step by step details below so that any interested entrepreneur does not have any inconvenience in understanding this process.

1. Decide whether to have your own marketplace or existing marketplace:

To start his own e-commerce business in India, the first aspiring entrepreneur must decide whether he wants to establish his own marketplace or to do such business by joining with a marketplace already available. This is to say that there are two ways to do this kind of business in India, firstly, the entrepreneur can start this kind of business by setting up his own e-commerce website. And secondly, he can also do this kind of business by selling products through an already famous marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. So the first step of the entrepreneur should be to decide whether he wants to do this business by creating his e-commerce website or by joining with an already existing marketplace. It would be an advantage to connect with an already existing marketplace that the entrepreneur would get the services of logistics, packing materials etc. from the same marketplace with which he is working. But keep in mind, GSTIN is essentially required to do this kind of business with any marketplace. And if the entrepreneur wants to open his own online store and do e commerce business, now we are moving this conversation forward.

2. Register your own E Commerce Company:

Entrepreneurs who want to start such a business by setting up their own online store may need to register their business as per the rules. The entrepreneur can register his business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or private limited company. GST registration may also be required as per the rules applicable to the entrepreneur to give his business a legal form. Although there is no mention of any statutory rules for selling products online, but after registering the business properly as per the rules, other things related to the business of the entrepreneur such as applying for PAN card, for the current account in the name of the business Applying for, GST registration makes everything easy. Therefore, it is very important for an entrepreneur willing to start his own e-commerce business, to give his business a legal form according to the rules.

3. Book the domain name for the online store:

Now, because the entrepreneur who started his own E commerce business has given legal shape to his business. And having done the process of bank account, GST registration etc. in the name of the business, then its next step should be to book a business-like domain name for its online store. This is to say that every business that is planning to establish a venture in this virtual world, which is moving towards making its name in the digital world, essentially needs a domain name. Since the domain name chosen by the entrepreneur can be the online identity of his business, that is, his customers can know him by the same name, so a lot of things need to be considered while booking it. The short description of which is as follows.

  • Only after considering the relevance of your business, choose the domain name.
  • If you want, you can book the domain name before registering your business. Because if you have done business registration before then you may not get the domain name associated with your business. So book the domain name first and then the business registration.
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember.
  • Keep in mind that you should not use any special characters in the domain name because people have trouble remembering them.
  • If you are doing business by targeting only one country, then select the domain based on the location. Just like the extension extension .in which is prevalent in India indicates that this domain belongs to India.

4. Make an E Commerce Website (Make an E Commerce Website):

After selecting the domain name for their online store, the entrepreneur doing e-commerce business will have to set up an e-commerce website. For this, the entrepreneur can seek the help of a web developer or contact a company that offers online stores already built. If the entrepreneur wants to set up his own custom store, he can do this by contacting a web developer or agency. But if the entrepreneur is willing to take more business-related facilities in a low budget in the initial stage, then he can contact a company that offers pre-built online stores. The advantage of this is that the entrepreneur gets various themes and templates related to this business under one package which he can use to increase his sales.  

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5. Register vendors:

Now, because an entrepreneur starting his own e-commerce business has set up an online store, but unless there is no vendor associated with you, will you sell to people? Therefore, the next step of the entrepreneur should now be to meet the nearby vendors and urge them to join them, showing the benefits of joining them. Although the entrepreneur can buy various products himself and sell them online, but it is not advisable to do it in the initial stages. Because in this stage the entrepreneur’s full focus should be to promote his online store and connect more and more vendors with him. Because the more sellers connect to the entrepreneur’s online store, the more variety of products customers will get.  

6. Get Payment Gateway for your E commerce business:

If the entrepreneur starting his own E commerce business has connected various vendors with him, then now he will also need a payment gateway. This is to say that a person setting up his own online store needs a payment gateway to process customer payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. That’s because a payment gateway allows customers to make payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. through the website. Therefore, payment gateway is required to accept many forms of online payment.

7. Manage Logistics:

As we all know that when a customer purchases goods online, the responsibility of the online store from which he has purchased the goods is to deliver the goods safely to his given address. Therefore, now the next step for the entrepreneur who starts the e-commerce business is to contact a logistics company, minding that the entrepreneur should contract with a company that is ready to provide services at cheap prices. Because there are many people who like the product, they do not buy the product from any particular online store due to the high delivery charge. Therefore, in order to reach and increase people, it is very important to have low delivery charges. And it would not be unfair to say that no online shopping portal is completely incomplete without a shipping solution. That is because people do online shopping so that they do not have to get hit by the local market and they can get their goods easily at their home. So choose a company that is ready to take maximum responsibility at a reasonable price.

7. Reach consumers on the Internet:

Now, if the entrepreneur has completed all the processes to start his own e-commerce business, then he should try tirelessly to reach the consumers. For this the entrepreneur can also resort to affiliate marketing . Because in this people will be able to earn their own and yours too, by promoting their earnings, they will promote your store. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can also promote both his store and product by running his own ad campaign on Google Edward, Facebook and other social websites. Keep in mind that an entrepreneur will earn only when a consumer purchases any goods from his online store, so you can also explore new ways to reach the consumers to make their own e-commerce business successful. One of these ways is to ask a well-known blogger to write a sponsored post. This will give your store an identity in the digital world.

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