Bk Graphy - Franchise Details

We are, Bk Graphy a company which is highlighted in the markets for being a prodigy at offering premium quality products to customers. We are proud to state about ourselves as one of the most prominent firms in the entire industry. We are offering premium Software, Website, Digital Marketing, and more. Our main aim is to continue developing and enhancing usage of advanced computer technology. With great pride we offer and execute services to all the sectors of the society. This is how we connect every individual with each other and make the culture take benefits of advancements in technology.

We are a team of young and dynamic creative heads who believe in using technology to simplifying everyday life. The best technology is the one that simplifies an activity to its most basic form while simultaneously increasing its effectiveness. We continuously extend our knowledge base with the latest technologies in and around. Unlike freelance designers, we have a full time staff dedicated to the needs of new and existing clients like you. Mission We aim to provide everyday users the most relevant and accurate search information about local businesses and break the hold of paid and heavily advertised information over the consumer industry. We intent to help businesses engage in low cost marketing that brings them the highest returns and compete against large businesses with an equal opportunity. Vision We plan to establish ourselves and our products as a trusted and pioneering name in the field of information marketing and mobile search. We plan to free the information market from biased, irrelevant, intentionally influenced and paid results for the betterment of the people and also the businesses.

In expanding our business, we are looking for support in the form of reliable distributors. franchisors who share the idea of mutual success are welcomed at our reputed company. We are a highly ethical company because we maintain clarity in business works and keep our valued patrons and business associates informed about the changes taking place in functioning of the enterprise. With us, we assure franchisors will experience substantial hike in business.

Our Services 

  • Business Software ( Billing , CRM , Student, Hotel , HRM etc )
  • Digital marketing – (Youtube Facebbok Google Ad)
  • Brand Promotion & classified
  • Website design and development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Security
  • Https SSL Certificate
  • Website Traffic
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • IP Track Advertise
  • Lead Generation
  • Bulk Whatsapp
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk Voice Sms
  • Business Database
  • Mobile Application
  • Business Email
  • Hosting ( Cloud / VPS/ Dedicated )
  • Domain
  • Trademark Registration
  • GST Registration
  • Msme Registration

  • Some Prerequisites To Become Our Partner

  • - We expect the respective franchisor to be highly ethical at works
  • - They must be financially stable
  • - Those who seek to partner with us must remain highly determined to achieve our goals
  • - They must always give innovative ideas and new suggestions
  • -For Franchise Require– Min 250sq ft office and security Rs 50,000 ( ₹30000 Refundable )

  • What Our Franchisor Get?

  • - We ensure to give the best in return for efforts
  • - Those who relate to us get an opportunity to earn great reputation
  • - Those who forward our services gets an opportunity to succeed
  • - We render high margins on range and product-promotional support
  • - Suggestions are provided from our end to improve market image
  • - Our Company guides franchisor completely about software usage.
  • - We keep franchisors updated about new additions in offered line.

  • Why our Services?

  • - We always ensure timely execution of our works
  • - We make sure to provide tailor made services based on requirements of each clients
  • - We promise to charge nominally for all our works

  • Why Do Business With Us?

  • - We believe in executing our works ethically
  • - We always ensure that our clients are treated with respect
  • - We communicate with our customers and execute works as per their expectations


    Employee Salary & Training 0
    Franchise Fee 50,000
    Shop Wall Branding 10,000
    Shop Board & Signage 20,000
    Furniture & Lights 50,000
    Civil, Electrical Work & glass façade 20,000
    TV (32 inch) Smart 15,000
    POS - Ipad, computer, printer, Bar code Scanner 1,00,000
    CCTV 15,000
    Inverter + Batteries 20,000
    AC 1.5 Ton 30,000
    Other 20,000
    Total Capex 03,50,000
    Inventory (Working capital) 50,000
    Kart Run Investment Extra ₹2,00,000
    Blucifer Investment₹1,00,000

    Every Month Expenses

    Sales Manpower Salary 15,000
    Sales Manpower Incentive 5,000
    CRM / Office boy / Tele caller 25,000
    Office Rent 15,000
    Printing & Stationery 1,000
    Electricity 1,000
    Telephone 500
    Internet 500
    Misc 2,000
    House Keeping 0
    Insurance Premium0
    Card transaction charges0
    Marketing expense 5,000
    Total 70,000
     Kart Run & Blucifer Investment Extra 30,000


    Software 300 3,000 25-30%9,00,000 Recurring
    Website & App 50 5,000 25% 2,50,000Recurring
    Marketing Product 50 1,000 13% 50,000Recurring
    Legal Products2000200
    Tingal App Food 1000020
    KART RUN 100100010-20%1,00,000Extra Invest
    Mentor 1000200020-40%20,00,000Same Invest
    2,00,000Extra invest
    Book Mechanic1000200
    2,00,000Same invest
    Total 24500   43,00,000Recurring Every year

    Store ROI

     Capex 3,50,000
     Opex 1,00,000
     Sales Commission 43,00,000
     ROI on Capex 5-10x Return
     Yearly Earning Potential5,16,00,000

    Benefits & Earning Percentage : 

    Website : 10 % on our price 
    Mobile App : ( 20% of Projects )
    SEO : 10 % on our price & 10% on renewal price ( you can add your price maximum 10- 20% ) (Recurring)
    Business Software : 30-40% of Price
    Digital Marketing : 10% on every instalment (Recurring)
    Brand Promotion and Classified : 20% on package (Recurring)
    Website Maintenance : 10% on package (Recurring )
    Website Security – 10% on package (Recurring ) 
    Https – 8% on package (recurring )
    Website Traffic – 5% on package
    Bulk SMS – below 1 lakh .12p per sms above 1 lakh .11p per sms
    Bulk Voice Sms - .22p per call
    Business Email account : - 8% on package (Recurring )
    Hosting ( Cloud / VPS/ Dedicated ) – 20% on package ( Recurring )
    Domain - ₹40
    Trademark Registration – 5% on package
    GST Registration – 20% on package
    Msme Registration – 20% on package

    ( Ask Our Support About KART RUN - Tingal - Book Mechanic - Mentor  commission charges at the time agreements )



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