Matrix plan is one type of pyramid structure of 3x7, 4x9, 5x9,...NxN.. This plan is useful for multiple incomes like direct sponsor income+ matching income + level income. Matrix MLM Compensation Plan, down line tree or structure are managed in fixed height and width such as (3X3 Forced Matrix) One member under 3. This plan also referred to as Pyramid Ladder or Forced Fixed Level Depth width matrix Plan in network marketing industry. If you want to 5X5 Matrix, your First level has 5 members and increase member level or stage by stage rank advancement.


At Bk Graphy we provide latest featured Matrix MLM software for our domestic and international clients. There are numerous advantages to have a matrix mlm plan. It has limited depth and width so it can be fast growth and expansion. We can set multiple incomes in matrix compensation plan software. Matrix plan has complete accuracy for payout and calculation will be perfect. If you are using forced matrix plan then plan is growing simultaneously on each legs.


How Matrix mlm plan works?
Matrix plan has fix rows and columns suppose you are using 3x5 matrix then sponsor member have to refer 3 member and all it will sponsor another 3 in down line up to 5th level of top sponsor. So under the team of main sponsor there are So under the team of main sponsor there are 243 members in their down line.


Contact Bk Graphy for best MLM software in India. We successfully launched more than 200 MLM projects for worldwide clients. Get best price for Matrix plan software from us today. You can check all features of matrix software here and chose your matrix plan with all latest features and functionalities with ultra responsive website design which support mobile, laptops, desktop and tablets.

Matrix MLM Software India

Features of Matrix MLM Software

Universal Design Quality Website

  •  Responsive Mobile view attractive website designing
  •  Multi-Level Marketing Company profile and about us
  •  Network Industry vision and mission
  •  MLM programming business plan
  •  Direct selling product and technical details
  •  Events and News gallery
  •  Company's latest announcement and news details
  •  Customer feedback details with name and photo
  •  Distributor joining form
  •  Vendor registration
  •  Channel partner login
  •  Affiliate award details
  •  Top 10 Achiever list
  •  Reward Archive/Qualified Distributor list automation
  •  Contact details
  •  Buyer/Seller Product Feedback Form
  •  Company legal and privacy policy details
  •  Registration with E-pin or online payment

 Custom Generation and Renewal Program

  •  Manage Repurchase Product
  •  View all Franchises/Vendor contact Details
  •  Repurchase Commission and Level growth System
  •  Repurchase Level Point system
  •  Rank Advancement and Threshold Level

 Member Activation By Epin

  •  Member can Active account by using Epin or Wallet
  •  Epin Tracking and History report
  •  Generate E-pin/Voucher By Using Wallet
  •  Easily Move Pin Direct Seller to Other Seller
  •  E-Voucher Assign to distributor/Dealer/Associate
  •  Epin Request To Admin/Company
  •  Epin Request to Authorized Vendor
  •  E-pin Summary Report
  •  Epin Generate Date, Assign date and Used Date Ledger
  •  Wallet to E-Coupon Auto Generation

Member Panel Features of Matrix Plan software

 Landing Home Page Fact Counter

  •  Show Member Personal Information
  •  No Of Total member Level/Row wise
  •  Direct Sponsor Counter
  •  Level Earning Commission
  •  Direct Referral Earning income
  •  Forced Pyramid ladder Bonus earning
  •  Position bonus Income
  •  Total Payout, paid and Remain Balance Summary
  •  Level Remain Qualified Member as per Stage
  •  Latest Company Announcement Popup Alert/Notification

 Direct Seller Account Setting

  •  Manage and Update Direct Seller or distributor Person Information
  •  Set Banking Related Document
  •  Upload KYC Document
  •  Manage Bank Information, Pan card and AdharCard Details
  •  Change Password
  •  My Welcome Letter
  •  My Receipt
  •  Support and ticket feedback System
  •  View terms and Condition
  •  Manage Nominee Information

 Downline tree Grid view / Genealogy

  •  Tree View Structure
  •  Down line member level wise based on sponsor
  •  Direct promoter list
  •  Team view with seller name and ID
  •  Distributor Slot in availability
  •  Advanced grid system tree
  •  Show Deeper Level Structure by single click
  •  Show Up line and Down line network team worker
  •  Direct Generation Genealogy tree view



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